5 Best Tourist Spots in La Palma

If you are planning a trip to La Palma, these are 5 activities to take part in during your visit. Keep in mind, there is a lot to do in La Palma, and it is unlikely you will get bored. However, these are 5 activities you don’t want to miss doing. One thing is for sure, you could not possibly run out of things to do. La Palma is busy.

Not a rushed busy but bursting with life. You may even find yourself smarter after leaving. There are several different scientific things to do there and discover. Now that is memorable. Not many people get to experience that. In short, it will be a great experience.

There are several volcanoes and hiking trips within the city of La Palma. The sights are breathtaking. From many angles, you will even see the smoke from the volcanoes. If hiking is not your thing near these, how about biking? Either way, the sights are sure to be remembered. With the right guide, you may find yourself in some very interesting places. That’s the most memorable form of a trip.

There are several boat tours and boats themselves in La Palma. Imagine yourself going on a boat and stopping on a beach in La Palma – of which there are several. This is definitely a pass time not to pass up. Think of how beautiful the beach is, jumping off the boat and swimming.

Snorkeling tours are also available in La Palma. Definitely, a very active person should take advantage of seeing the sea life within La Palma. Why not snorkeling? If you are up to doing the activity then it seems like a great way to enjoy La Palma. Think of all the beautiful sea life. Have an underwater camera? Definitely a great way to spend time in La Palma. Just go there.

Observatorium Roque 
This is an Observatarium to view the stars; open to the public. It is sure to be a very memorable experience to see the stars in the sky at La Palma. Have those in charge show you exactly what you are seeing. Enjoy the view of the stars and moons and planets.

Several Museums and Shopping 
There are too many museums to count it seems in La Palma, and they are all extremely interesting. Let’s not forget shopping for all those trinkets needed to remember La Palma. The two go hand in hand after all. There are several choices of museums to choose from. To pick one that’s best is impossible. The shopping is right there as you go from one museum to another. So many choices of these. They are all equally important.

These are the best 5 activities that take place in La Palma. While you are there, be sure to participate in every one. Not one of these activities is better than the other. They are equally exciting and memorable. Remember to pack accordingly for a most unforgettable adventure.

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